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Tasmania is making a significant contribution to the global learning space for education for sustainability thanks to those who strive to build more sustainable patterns of living and resilient, connected, educated communities, individuals and organisations.

Education for Sustainability Tasmania is a network of organisations that aims to promote and support the innovation and success being achieved. We do this in the following ways:

Facilitate collaboration and bring people together to work on education for sustainability initiatives.

Build the capacity of organisations to sustain a process of individual and organisational change to improve delivery of education for sustainability initiatives.

Promote and endorse Tasmanian education for sustainability projects and the significant contribution Tasmania is making to the global learning space for education for sustainability.

Advocate for education as a tool to help more people develop the skills and capacity needed to protect the planet and ensure social and cultural prosperity for all.


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Our network of partners who fund, host and support us and members who are bringing about change

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The Global UNRCE Network

Skilling Tasmania to transition to a Sustainable Future