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Benefits of membership

nature be in itWe believe that it is our moral imperative to work together to help build a sustainable future for the billions of people who are going to inherit the results of our decisions and the other animals and plants with whom we share this planet.

We believe that education plays a vital role in a resilient and sustainable future and we aim to build our membership to include all Tasmanian organisations working in this space. Together we can support each other as we work towards the same goal and increase our effectiveness in achieving social, cultural, economic and environmental sustainability.

By becoming a member of Education for Sustainability Tasmania you can be part of a network which:

Facilitates collaboration and brings people together to work on sustainability education initiatives.

  • Access to a network of passionate and motivated sustainability experts in Tasmania with a wide variety of skills and knowledge about sector approaches and practices.
  • A way to form community partnerships to enhance education for sustainability and help learners develop the attitudes, skills, perspectives and knowledge needed to make informed decisions (including career choices) for everyone’s benefit, now and in the future.
  • Access to our networking events with the opportunity to promote your work and pitch new ideas to like-minded peers.

Builds the capacity of organisations to sustain a process of individual and organisational change to improve delivery of education for sustainability initiatives.

  • A strategy to help your organisation realign itself to achieve sustainability outcomes (better alignment of policies and standards) and transform themselves into informed agents of sustainable development and change.
  • A method to leverage more support from within the organisation to support sustainability initiatives.

Promotes and endorses Tasmanian education for sustainability projects and the significant contribution Tasmania is making to the global learning space for education for sustainability.

  • A platform upon which to share successful initiatives (through our endorsement process) and ideas (through social media) so they can be celebrated and replicated by others.
  • A way to promote your organisation as a provider of creative learning opportunities and community partnerships, and a member of a Network that is recognised by the United Nations.

Advocates for education as a tool to help more people develop the skills and capacity needed to protect the planet and ensure social and cultural prosperity for all.

  • A way to participate in regional and global discussions on sustainability and help Tasmania become a model for the world that provides “enough, for all, forever”.
  • A way to raise awareness and promote community involvement in practices for sustainable livelihoods and environmental governance.

Contact us to discuss membership