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Creating a recycling culture

Launceston Church Grammar student learning about waste

Launceston Church Grammar School is building a recycling culture in their school by promoting good disposal practices and introducing co-mingled recycling and composting infrastructure. They are now spending $30,000 less each year in skip bin disposal costs.  The junior and secondary schools and the boarding house now recycle well and less contamination is seen as students, staff and parents learn about how to avoid waste and recycle and compost more effectively.

Aim: To significantly reduce the school’s total output of waste to landfill by means of materials reduction, reuse, comingled, paper and cardboard recycling and composting.

Project goal: To endorse the culture of recycling and reduction of waste into the psyche our students, staff and the wider community

Summary: In 2015 we were successful in attaining a Keep Australia Beautiful recycling grant of $5000. Our submission included our ideas to place the necessary infrastructure and signage around our senior school so that dual bin system was available across the whole campus. A lot of waste was being generated by our art, canteen and boarding house kitchen so waste disposal practices in these areas were improved and they were given the opportunity to recycle, which was not in place before.

We began an Agricultural ‘plot’ which encompasses composting (scraps from the boarding house kitchen), a large vegie patch that utilises much of the compost, a worm farm and chickens from which we obtain eggs. Much of the upkeep of this area has been taken on by our Agricultural Science students.

Our efforts have been recognised on a both a local and state platform, where in August 2016 we were  winners of the WASTE NoT awards in Launceston and earned  the honour of “Sustainable School 2016′ judged by KAB, (Keep Australia Beautiful) as part of their annual Tidy Towns presentation.

Co-mingled recycling was not available and now it is. There are 13 240L yellow lidded bins in dual red/yellow stations and one large comingled skip bin at the boarding house kitchen. These are emptied fortnightly and we are finding less and less contamination in these bins. This has greatly reduced our output of waste to landfill and saves the school in the vicinity of $30, 000 per annum with the reduction of skip bins being emptied half as often.

Students are proud of their proud of their school’s commitment to the environment. The junior school recently implemented recycling on a small scale also (2 comingled bins at the Lyttleton Street campus).

Student’s are eager to ‘do the right thing’ and junior students are educating their parents in what can and can’t be recycled due to educational sessions we have held in conjunction with RETHINK WASTE.

Launceston Church Grammar School

Listen to Principal Stephen Norris speaking about education for sustainability.

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