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Energy Wise

Greening Australia and Tasnetworks - Energy Wise

Energy Wise is a partnership with Greening Australia and TasNetworks. The three-year program will see the development of secondary Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) Units and resources on energy literacy.  In addition, an energy hub for visiting schools will provide resources for classes at the Sustainability Learning Centre from mid 2017.

Aim of the initiative:. Develop a meaningful energy literacy education program to inform and equip young Tasmanians to meet emerging challenges in the energy sector. The program is linked to the Australian curriculum with a focus on STEM.
Target audience: Teachers and students, and through them to the community.
Organisations involved:  It involves partnerships with schools, the University of Tasmania and TasNetworks.Lead organisation: Greening Australia
Organisation mission: To conserve and restore landscapes at scale through collaborative, science-based and innovative conservation programs.
Contact: Nel Smit, Greening Australia,
Status: A three 1/2 year program 2016-2009
Education for Sustainability Tasmania endorsement ranking: Endorsed
Awards won for the initiative: None yet

About the initiative

The Energy Wise Schools Program is an innovative and active collaboration with TasNetworks and Greening Australia that will deliver a meaningful energy literacy education program to inform and equip young Tasmanians to meet emerging challenges in the energy sector.

Teachers are developing and trialling STEM curriculum units (Years 7-10). The rapid technological changes and increased awareness of environmental impacts associated with carbon pollution, the STEM curriculum provides real world opportunities to investigate challenges in generation, storage and usage of energy to enable better informed decisions for the future.

Partner school Huonville High School will focus on the development of their STEM units on implementing their Zayed Future Energy Prize. The prize will enable the school to develop a range of renewable energy innovations. This will include students building a biodigestor and a wind turbine, installing a pedal driven cinema system, assessing school energy use and retrofitting a cottage to significantly improve the energy rating. New Town High School is trialling a Year 7 Unit on renewable energy generation, which includes sustainable housing and renewable energy generation.

What is your educational message?

Promoting energy literacy including renewables to support future thinking on emerging energy challenges through STEM.

What are the benefits?

Provides teachers with opportunities, networks, a framework and curriculum links on energy to support student understanding and finding practical solutions to problem solving. Actively engages students in STEM investigations of real world challenges.

Building capacity

Capacity to disseminate and communicate understandings into the broad community. The Energy Wise project is an evolving initiative which adapts and builds on the enthusiasm and skills of teachers and project partners to build a dynamic program responsive to curriculum initiatives and future sustainability directions.

Outcomes and associated measures of success

  • Active network of teachers and students aware of energy challenges and working towards solutions.
  • Establishment of Energy Hub at the Sustainability Learning Centre with travelling exhibits.
  • Development of Stem Curriculum Frameworks and support resources for Years 7-10.


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