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We are officially up and running

Launch and MoU signing

It’s official! Education for Sustainability Tasmania is ready for action. Thanks to everyone who came to the launch, sent well wishes or helped us generate support. We celebrated together via the University immersive rooms, linked through cyberspace. Thanks to our speakers who believe so strongly in the role of education in fostering the knowledge, skills, values and worldviews necessary for people to act in ways that contribute to more sustainable patterns of living.

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Opinion piece – Is recycling working?

A pile of glass recyclate

In nature there is no waste, rather each living thing serves a greater purpose than its own lifespan, and provides for the growth of other living things. A beautifully intricate and complex network of interactions between living things and the environment allows life to thrive on this planet. Humans, however do create waste, mountains of it every year. Corporations can only survive if they constantly expand production and market their goods effectively to create demand and profit, and the  trillion dollar global advertising industry is very effective at persuading us all to buy their goods.

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