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Understanding marine changes through citizen science

Image of a species on Redmap

The Range Extension Database and Mapping project, more commonly known as REDMAP is a fantastic University of Tasmania and IMAS collaboration. It provides people with the opportunity to share sightings of marine species that are ‘uncommon’ to their local seas.

Contact: University of Tasmania, Dr Gretta Pecl,
Education for Sustainability Tasmania endorsement ranking:Highly commended
Status: Ongoing beyond 2016
Awards won for the initiative: 2016: Finalist Eureka Prize for Innovation in Citizen Science and many more.

Redmap uses this citizen science data to map which Australian marine species may be extending their distribution in response to changes in the marine environment, such as ocean warming. This data also highlights regions and species that may be experiencing more distribution changes, so that research can be focused into these areas.

For more information on how you can become a citizen scientist, and help us track the range shifts of marine species, visit the REDMAP website.

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