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Students rehabilitation Flagstaff Gully Creek

Students Bunji and Peter rehabilitating Flagstaff Gully Creek

In a real-life learning opportunity with environmental benefits, TasTAFE Conservation and Land Management students have rehabilitated bushfire-damaged habitat adjacent to their Clarence Campus. The area provides habitat and food for the endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot, as well as numerous insects, mammals and birds, but was severely damaged by bushfire in 2006.

Since then, TasTAFE students have been working to rehabilitate Flagstaff Gully Creek and apply their learning to a practical project. The students are working to increase the environmental, recreational and aesthetic values of the area, control weeds and erosion, improve water quality levels, reinstate endemic plant species and provide an opportunity for the local and TasTAFE community to engage with this natural area.

Find out more on page 2o of the September issue of the Ripple.

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