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Embedding sustainability in teaching

Launceston Church Grammar School teacher and studentIn  acknowledgement that they are nurturing, challenging and inspiring future environmental leaders and community members, the Launceston Church Grammar School has made a formal commitment to embed sustainability in teaching.

With the Australian Curriculum specifying Sustainability as one of the three cross-curriculum priorities, all teachers are required to help students develop knowledge, understanding and skills related to sustainability, in a way that fits naturally with learning areas.

With this responsibility in mind, Launceston Church Grammar School has committed, through the Strategic Plan, to teach sustainability across the school and to implement environmentally responsible actions within the school.

Teachers at the school are committed to the philosophies of sustainability and embrace it in their own lives. However, with the aim to ensure that it was embedded in school operations and being taught across a range of subjects at all Year levels from Prep to Year 12, a review of teaching practices was conducted.

The findings not only revealed a strong commitment to teaching sustainability, but also that staff lead by example through their actions around the two campuses. The review provided opportunities for conversations about sustainability and and recognition that ‘every little bit helps’. It also provided baseline data from which to assess the success and viability of future programs introduced at the school.

Sustainability achievements to date include:

  • A 35% decrease in general waste (landfill bin)
  • Conservation and restoration work in the Midlands through practical educational activities for teachers and students relating to biodiversity and native vegetation germination, propagation and planting.
  • No waste school camps.

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